Friday, October 4, 2013

Falling For Fall Toddlers Addition

 He’s Wearing
Vintage Superman Tee: Target (Here)
Button Down Cardigan: Target (Similar Here)
Blue Skinny Jeans: H&M (Here)
Tan Boots: Target (Similar Here)
We have always been fascinated with fashion and the unique style that matches with each person’s personality. Children are so fun and unique because even at a young age, they have their own style. Jesal and I have had long conversations about childhood memories and dressing up ourselves for fun even though our parents would tell us certain things didn’t look good.
 Little Slugger Hoodie: Target (In Store)
 Long Sleeve Planets Tee: Target (Here)
Blue Skinny Jeans: H&M (Here)
Tan Boots: Target (Similar Here)
We had the absolute pleasure to shop and style Vincent for a little back to school outfits. Vinny is a very cute boy and he has his own personality that we felt matched his outfits. We were excited when our friend Dora, Vincent’s mom, came to us and asked us to style him. We’ve styled adults before but not children. We were a little scared but as soon as we hit the children’s aisle we couldn’t contain ourselves. We don’t have any children and don’t plan on having them any time soon but when we do, the child will definitely be very stylish.
 Denim Shirt: H&M (Here)
Colored Skinny Jeans: H&M (Here)
Bear Graphic Sweater: H&M (Here)
Tan Boots: Target (Similar Here)
We were both very happy when we saw that Vinny LOVED his new threads! What we did was buy clothes that can be worn in different ways so he can have over 10 different outfits. We were happy to see Dora and Vincent smile and happy with the new outfits. 

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