Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fresh Acid

 What She's Wearing
Acid Wash Denim Dress: G Stage (Here)
White Fringe Bag: Glosstress (Here)
Nude Heels: Forever 21 (Similar Here)
Silver Earrings: H&M (You can find in store)
 Hello Dolls! I’m back with a new look wearing a trend that seems to be coming back! I have always had strong feelings about acid wash anything because it always reminded me of the 80’s. Quite honestly I surprised myself when I saw this dress that I actually liked it! I mean we all love the classic 80’s films but the style back then was wicked! I obviously turned it around and attempted to make it more chic and feminine. The trick to all these old school trends is to #1 don’t go spending all your money on them, and #2 always go for a more modern piece. Hope that my tips helped ladies! Love you all!

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