Friday, September 12, 2014

Plus Fall Trends

 All clothing is from Bohoo Plus
Shoes are from Call it Spring, Forever 21, and Lola Shoetique
Accessories are from Forever 21
Welcome back dolls! So I will get straight to the point here…I am about to go through my closet and start taking out some pieces that I will no longer be wearing for fall. But before I do that I usually do some research online to see what I can keep for the season and what I can toss. The second step is to visualize or figure out what kind of pieces you are looking for. What do you absolutely NEED in your closet. Since I am considered plus size I like to already have in mind what I am looking for since we cant just walk into the petite section at forever and pick up whatever we want. (The struggle of being a curvy women right?). This time around I wanted to share some of my pointers since some of you have asked me on instagram. Last but not least, I like to try things on at the store. I know sometimes online shopping can be convenient but I like to know how something looks on before I purchase. Please comment below and let me know if this helps.

Love you guys!


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