Friday, August 9, 2013

Sporty Spice

Who would’ve known Mel C AKA Sporty Spice knew that the sporty trend was cool all along. I must say I was a big fan of the Spice Girls growing up but Sporty Spice was not my favorite because I didn’t like her outfits. My opinion has changed completely after seeing some amazing pieces on the runways for this Spring.
She’s Wearing
Varsity Tee-Shirt: Forever 21 (Here)
Grey Sweat Shorts: H&M (Similar Here)
Two-Tone Heels: Go Jane (Similar Here)
Statement Necklace: Forever 21 (similar Here)
Knuckle Rings: H&M (Here)
I am really excited that the “sporty chic” trend is going to be huge this Spring because it gives me a chance to step outside of my comfort zone. Looking for some athletic inspiration, I looked through some of my blogger crushes’ instagrams and websites. I noticed that in order to pull this look off you must dress it up.
A few pointers I have for channeling your sporty outfits is to first find an affordable and edgy top with number patches. Make sure that either the top you decide to wear  is fitted and the bottoms are loose or vice versa.  Mix feminine with tomboy by adding a statement necklace, earrings, or rings. I would’ve even added a leather baseball cap if I was going to be out in the sun. Have fun with it! I’m going to challenge myself this Spring to see how many different ways I can wear this shirt, keep a look out for that.

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  1. I love your nails and your rings! You look lovely.


  2. hey i actually have these shorts and the bottom where it's folded isn't as folded anymore and unravels. did that happen for your shorts as well? if so how did you fix it? :( i tried ironing it but it didn't work

  3. You are an inspiration! I am saving this post because it is going to motivate me a lot. Also, I really like your tee. I have some designer leggings which are going to look amazing with this top. Can I wear my leggings with a heel like this as well?