Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Non Fiction

She's Wearing
Plaid Crop Top: Forever 21 (Similar Here)
Black Tutu: DIY (Similar Here)
Black Heels: Zara (Similar Here)
Black Biker Jacket: H&M (Similar Here)
Statement Necklace: Ebay (Here)
Since we’ve been receiving great feedback on our blog we have dedicated ourselves to posting more frequently this year… that means work on our days off! We honestly don’t mind it because we enjoy what we do. This past Saturday we stopped by our local library to pick up some books on Buddhism because we have been very open minded about learning different cultures and religions.  As we were looking around, we decided to have ourselves a little photo shoot.
The tutu I am wearing was a DIY! It only cost $3 to make, unbelievable right? I bought all the materials at my local flea market in San Fernando.  I was going to buy one but I felt guilty spending more than $50 on a trendy item. Trends go so quick and I believe that we shouldn’t have to break the bank to have trendy items. Also on sale were the beautiful heels from Zara and not to mention my $12 crop top from Forever 21. I did wear this outfit for New Year’s Eve and I decided to wear it again so you can see the outfit better. Yes I am a repeat offender!
He's Wearing
Polka Dot Button Up: H&M (Similar Here)
Black Skinny Jeans: H&M (Similar Here)
Double Monk Strap Shoes: H&M (Similar Here)
Houndstooth Tie: 21 Men (Similar Here)
Jesal always looking so handsome wore one of my favorite buttons ups that he has, I love it because men should also be able to wear feminine prints like polka dot. Why not? He added the houndstooth for a pop of print and kept it simple with black skinnies and his current favorite monk strap shoes.
We hope you are all off to a great week!
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  1. You both look so fabulous, I think great outfits are all in the details and the tulle skirt / mixed prints of the tie and shirt make the outfits!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this post and leaving a comment!!! Don't forget to follow our blog :)

  2. Ok can I just say that you look amazing! Both of your outfits are very chic and go great together. I love the DIY skirt and it certainly doesn't look like it only cost $3! I will definitely be reading your blog from now on!

    xx Jayla


    1. Thank you Jayla!!! we really appreciate you stopping by! We also tried to subscribe you your blog but unfortunately it wouldn't allow us to follow along.