Thursday, January 2, 2014

P.S. I Love You

Last weekend we attended a family wedding. We had such a great time because you can really learn from other couples on what love is. Love is something different to everyone else. It’s a beautiful thing to see a couple join as one and take each other for good or bad.
I decided to wear a leather dress from H&M (only $15), some strappy heels from Lola Shoetique, and of course my outfit wouldn’t be complete without my signature red lip!
 We went to H&M to try and find something to wear because we weren’t sure of what to wear for a winter wedding in California. We both went for a simple and chic look and wore black. Jesal decided to pick up a red skinny tie for a pop of color and wore some amazing pair of Monk-Strap shoes. 
Love always seems to be in the air, we like to believe that when you find that special someone you just know. One thing we have learned about love is that you can’t rush it. It’s something that takes time and patience. It’s always a work in progress. In December we completed our 7 year anniversary!!! We couldn’t be more happy and excited to start another year together because not only are we a team, but we truly are sole mates.

We hope you all had an amazing New Year!

Till Next Time,



  1. Kim, you are adorable and I love your red lips with the black, it's such a good contrast (which you know, obviously) ;) I like that Jesal wore the red tie to contrast his outfit as well.

    As always, great photos!


    1. You are too sweet friend! Thank you for the constant love, your our #1 fan! lol